Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Immigration Infects Georgia DOL Race

Immigration. It's the one issue that seems to affect every race at every level.

Republican candidate for Georgia Department of Labor Commissioner Brent Brown went on the attack yesterday, accusing sitting commissioner Michael Thurmond of endangering farmers by providing them illegal employees:

“You travel around the state and talk to any of the growers, whether it’s here, whether it’s in Ft. Valley in the peaches or in onion fields in Vidalia. There’s huge issues with labor,” he said. Immigration for one, he said: The labor department under current Commissioner Mike Thurmond often sends out illegal workers to farmers.

Mr. Brown. I am familiar with Labor Department job referral practices and the H2A program. Although I am sure mistakes are made, the program is subject to fairly rigorous federal audits. This accusation is rather strong for a "down ticket" race. I challenge you to provide proof other than vague stories of discussions with anonymous farmers. You want to alledge illegal activity? Back it up.

via: The Moultrie Observer

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