Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Taylor In South Georgia

I'm sorry I missed this. I would have liked to have witnessed it myself.

Several state law enforcement officers came out Saturday supporting gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor at a Democratic function at the Colquitt Tower but wouldn’t release their names to The Moultrie Observer, saying they were afraid Gov. Sonny Perdue would fire them.

But Lori Glenn is a good reporter and I have no reason to doubt this happened.

The revelation comes on the heels endorsements for Taylor from two prominent police organizations. Taylor took the opportunity to outflank Perdue on the right again.

The difference in myself and Gov. Perdue is that I’m willing to invest in the criminal justice system. I would not have gone four years as governor without building a prison. I would not have allowed the state patrol, the GBI and the corrections system to be devastated by personnel cuts. I’m not going to just talk the talk like a bunch of them do in Atlanta, I’m going to walk the walk.”

Soft on crime, lack of concern for public safety and with dash of anti-Atlanta all in one triple blow.

There's a lot to think about here. Anonymous voices. Public safety personnel as political pawns. I can only anticipate whisper campaigns will be next. The Georgia Governor race is about to get dirty.

It's old school politics and Taylor is absolutely an old school body puncher. He does not mind getting down and wallowing in the mud. It has worked before. It may work again.

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