Monday, October 23, 2006

Report From The Border

I'm spending a couple of more days down south so I thought I should give another update on political ads down here. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

The Valdosta / Tallahassee / Thomasville markets are flooded with ads. All the way from local councilman to big races on both sides of the border.

Florida dominates the border. It's apparent that the size of the state affects the economics of races. More people equals more money. When's the last time any of you Georgians saw a TV ad for a county commission race?

Local issues dominate the local races. Property taxes, water rights issues, education. State issues dominate the state races. Property insurance, taxes and economic growth. The governor's race dominates all and Davis and Crist in Florida have let loose the dogs of war.

My favorite current ad is by Crist questioning Davis congressional attendance. It has an office chair flying across the screen to jangly goofy carnival music. At the end, a reporter approaches an exhausted, sweaty tourist family in Washington and ask why they are here. They say they are from Florida, came to see Jim Davis and can't find him. The young boy then in his best Opie Taylor says, "You think we'll see him next time, paw?" He says "paw". I kid you not.

On the Georgia side its the same Perdue / Taylor slug fest over the Florida land deal. Over and over again. I can understand the strategy with Florida right next door and folks down here having a keen understanding of land deals. It's good old fashioned populism.

Media buys are fairly cheap down here and the tornado of ads will continue for two more weeks. It makes me long for a few Braves promos or even a Wolfman and Donna commercial.

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