Friday, May 26, 2006

Breaking News: Gunfire In Rayburn Building

Sound of gunfire in the parking garage of Rayburn Building. Probably nothing but it seems these things are happening almost weekly. Washington is starting to feel a lot more like Deadwood these days.

On a personal note, CNN just showed a clip from a house committee meeting where a member noted that he had received the alert on his Blackberry.

That's a software product that my former engineering team worked on for the last three years.

Pat on the back for me.

Update: Press conference happening now. CNN cut in just in time to see some old codger reporter asking the Cap Police officer to identify herself. Then an off screen voice barked that she should turn her radio off. The officer was not phased by the feeding frenzy. What a fruforal.

Update II: Reports of a gunman in the gym. And my cable keeps cutting out. Damn you Comcast!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your alert software. I'm glad it works. And so is that Congressman!

Sara said...

Wonkette said it was a forklift that makes a banging noise, something like that.