Friday, May 05, 2006

Carp Circles Live!

It's the return of the weirdest friday night radio show on the net.

Carp Circles Live!

Fueled by cheap beer and the love of lost waitresses, join Moe Beers and Jimmy The Hand (aka griftdrift) as they tell tales of two modern rednecks trying to make sense of this crazy world!

Tonight on Carp Circles Radio from 8-11 eastern.

You can also check out the boys on webcam by using yahoo messenger and contacting username griftdrift.

Tonight, we will be featuring music from the newly released Drive-By Truckers CD "A Blessing and A Curse".

Join us for the fun!

Adult Programming Note: We try to keep it clean before 9:00 but after that there's no telling what we might say.

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