Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kos and Hillary

Much will be made of Kos' Washington Post editorial on the Clinton problem.

Instead of another blog regurge, I will just say he echoes a sentiment a local Democrat expressed to me many moons ago. To paraphrase, was the eight years of Clinton worth the cost to the national party?

A difficult question. If Hillary runs, will it be the cold, calculated 90s DLC strategy of centrism and triangulation? Or will it be the forward looking, grass roots activism, web 2.0 vision of current party chair Howard Dean?

Dean acting, well, very Dean-like on Meet The Press. Kerry in Iowa. Hillary with more money than God. Bloggers in the op-eds of major dailys.

Slowly, the ships of political campaigns are turning into the wind. Only time will tell who has the correct tack.

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