Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kos and Me, Part III

I won't bore you with the three hours of lawyering, wonkery and horror that followed the event. One day I promise you a discussion of estate tax, paper trail voting machines and a possible centrist third party.

But not now.

Let's talk about the two things where griftdrift and Kos absolutely agree. (absolute in the sense that griftdrift drank a lot of beer and is paraphrasing.)

In 2004, Richard Morrison showed that Tom Delay was vulnerable. Unfortunately, Morrison stated his pro-life but libertarian view that although certain actions bother him, he believes it's not the business of the government to interfere with private lives. He suffered abandonment by the pro-choice groups.

Kos paraphrase: Single issues are not worth losing the whole game. Once we are in power, things will be worked out.

For the past 30 years, conservatives have built grass roots activists and more importantly financial bases that the Democrats have ignored.

Kos paraphrase: The movement has just begun. You may not see fruits until 2016 but just you wait.

You know. This is a "told you so" moment. Those on the frontlines of the creation vs. evolution battles have been screaming for years that "they" were taking over the school boards. No one listened. No one cared.

Twenty years ago, the Religious Right started winning seats on school boards. Now, they hold the White House.

It's about time somebody noticed.

Epilogue: None of the progressives sniffed out the moderate in their midst. For the most part they were nice and drank a lot of beer. Two marks on the side of good in my mind.

More importantly, I agree with Kos on two very important points.

Most people will care about the big issues and come to some agreement on the hot issues.

Politics is local. And that's where elections are won.

A fun night. Glad I went.

UPDATE: As Rusty pointed out in his comment, he recorded the event and you can now listen to the podcast here.

Also sarawara attended the event and has her take here. I deny everything.


rusty said...

We were there too recording a podcast of the event. Too bad we didn't get to meet. Next time...

griftdrift said...

Saw you but you were busy. We'll catch up next time.

Amber Rhea said...

As Rusty pointed out in his comment, he recorded the event...

Correction: we recorded the event!

Next time, come talk to us, even if we look busy. It makes us feel like the cool kids at school.