Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Welcome to Washington, N.C.!

I drove past New Bern because the hotel in Washington had a better rate. When I first drove through town I thought I made a mistake. It's smaller than my hometown. It appears to be a sleepy fishing village on the Pamlico River. Now that I am settled, I think it's going to be okay for the night. There is a local bar and restaurant next door. I plan to venture over their a little later.

The drive today was pretty good but I am glad that I am moving inland. Two days of the Carolina low country was beginning to wear. There's only so many salt marshes you can cross. The drive from New Bern to Washington was nothing but tree-lined roads and cornfields. It reminded me of home.

Two things I learned on the way.

The Marines still use the V-22 Osprey. Camp Lejune is near Jacksonville, NC and I saw one flying over the highway. I nearly wrecked attempting to get a picture. Alas, safety got the better of me and no picture.

PBR supports NPR! If you've listened to any public radio lately, you know there is no such thing as commercial free. The ads are limited and usually once an hour. Imagine how it warmed my heart to hear at the top of the hour on All Things Considered to hear it was funded by the Pabst Blue Ribbon. Here's tipping one to you NPR!

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