Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Scene From The Road - Jesup, Ga.

Who the heck is Mark Williams? He's a Republican running for Georgia House seat 178. He also has a lot of signs. I saw dozens of yard signs throughout Wayne County and then this monstrosity in downtown Jesup. My conclusion? He has a big budget for signs.

I'm sure one of my regular local politico experts will now chime in and inform the child griftdrift that either Williams is running a hopeless campaign or is the incumbent in a district that he has already clinched.

Either way, it's still a butt load of signs.


Sara said...

He apparently cannot spell integrity. Not a good sign. (Pardon the pun.)

Richard Campbell said...

Mark Williams is running a primary-only campaign against Kay Godwin, who narrowly lost that seat in the general in 2004, to the now-retired Hinson Mosely.

Kay Godwin (Christian Coalition Volunteer of the Year a couple of years back) is the heavy favorite, but I don't know enough to rule Williams out.

Anonymous said...

He has more money for signs that is correct, to bad too because we need someone in Jesup who is looking out for WORKING parents and the students best interest not only our budget issues.... Pushing to get our school to a 4 day school week? Yes, that is his " brilliant" idea and it is not very brilliant at all. Does he care what parents are supposed to do with their young children on Fridays? Daycare? sure who's going to open another one here?, we're already short and who's going to pay for our extra daycare costs while we're at work? YES, WILLIAMS SURE HAS MONEY TO MAKE SIGNS AND STICK THEM UP ALL OVER MAYBE HE CAN PAY FOR OUR DAYCARE AND NOT MORE SIGNS