Thursday, May 18, 2006

Watching The Wheels

People say I'm crazy
doing what I'm doing,
Well they give me all kinds of warnings
to save me from ruin,

When I say that I'm o.k.
they look at me kind of strange,
Surely your not happy now
you no longer play the game,

People say I'm lazy
dreaming my life away,
Well they give me all kinds of advice
designed to enlighten me,

When I tell that I'm doing Fine
watching shadows on the wall,
Don't you miss the big time boy
you're no longer on the ball?

I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
I really love to watch them roll,
No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
I just had to let it go


Richard Campbell said...

I'm telling you, man, bartend around the US. 4 years (at one month per state) of personal journey and story-collection. You can write a book when you're done.

Sara said...

Don't you be putting dumb ideas in his head! FOUR YEARS?!

Richard Campbell said...

Think of the stories!

Sara said...

Actually I was thinking about this on my drive back from an appt. in Decatur. I think he needs to write an Atlanta version of Cheers about the crazy people he knows from the bars here. It's time for an updated Southern version of Cheers.

Ray said...

Read Blue Highways : A Journey into America by William Least Heat-Moon

Blackjackk said...

Griftdrift - you're damn skippy!