Thursday, May 18, 2006

Joe Galloway Blasts Pentagon

Joe Galloway is a legendary war journalist best known for co-authoring the bestselling "We Were Soldiers Once...And Young".

He recently participated in a rather heated exchange with Rumsfeld spokesman Larry Di Rita.

the question is what sort of an army are your bosses going to leave behind as
their legacy in 2009? one that is trained, ready and well equipped to fight the
hundred-year war with islam that seems to have begun with a vengeance on your
watch? or will they leave town and head into a golden retirement as that army
collapses for lack of manpower, lack of money to repair and replace all the
equipment chewed up by iraq and afghanistan, lack of money to apply to fixing
those problems because billions were squandered on weapons systems that are a
ridiculous legacy of a Cold War era long gone (viz. the f/22, the osprey, the navy's gold plated
and aircraft carriers and, yes, nuclear submarines
whose seeming future purpose is to replace rubber zodiac boats as the favorite
landing craft of Spec Ops teams, at a cost of billions).

Read the exchange here. It's worth it. There are no punches pulled.

Want to write it off as another left wing journalist out for blood? No so. Retired Special Ops Colonel W. Patrick Lang calls Joe Galloway"one of the greatest friends the American soldier ever had".

So is there anyone left that doesn't have a talk radio show that wants to shill the story that all the negativity is just about Bush hate by the radical left?

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