Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Departure Nashville

'Cause I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize I'm going home

Destination: Atlanta

It's time to head back. I'm tired of hotel rooms. I've got things to do in the ATL. Mostly, I just want to see familiar things.

It's been a good trip though and I've learned a lot. This is not the end. Even though I want to go home, I am already feeling the itch to see new places. I plan to make another extended trip some time in July.

Maybe to Tester country?

See you in a few hours.


Amber Rhea said...

Nice choice of a picture for this post. Love it.

Btw, I have really enjoyed all your "scenes from the road" photos. It's made me really itch for a road trip.

griftdrift said...

Thanks Amber. I've only been back on day and I am itching again. As homesick as I was, I want to see more! I plan to head back south again next week and then maybe head further west in July. I really want to see Montana.