Thursday, June 01, 2006

National Spelling Bee

It's being broadcast on network TV (ABC) for the first time.

I'm finding it strangely compelling.


Sara said...

Would it shock you to know that I was a former spelling bee geek? Orange County 9th grade champion of 1990, oh yeah baby!

Anonymous said...

I did quite well on a lot of those words due to my knowledge of French, Italian and German. The Persian root words stumped me. Especially since our transliteration is not an exact science. I am still steaming that she missed Weltschmerz- Depression over the state of the world. Welt=world Schmerz= pain. She spelled it with a "V" tsk tsk! Appalling as Simon would say- she'll be kicking herself the rest of her life. It became obvious that they memorize difficult word lists cause they knew them immediately.