Thursday, September 28, 2006

All Torture All The Time

I just haven't had much to say today. All the talk is torture and it just depresses me.

Torture, torture, torture, torture.

Later today, the Senate will pass the "torture compromise". I would love to write a long deep analysis filled with flowery prose on this piece of darkness. Instead, all I can think is this is what we have become? This is what used to be the shining city on the hill?

UPDATED: As I wrote this, the Senate killed Arlen Specter's Habeas amendment that would have allowed federal judges to review the legitimacy of cases. I have gone from depression to anger. How dare they. How dare they trample every priniciple that has made out country great for over 200 years. These are the same men and women that roll out the Founder's name at every opportunity. The ones that claim sole ownership of the Founder's legacy. How dare they.

I would also note that John McCain voted to kill the amendment. For any of you independents out who were still considering voting for him.

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