Sunday, September 24, 2006

Frist on This Week

When questioned about the startling National Intelligence Estimate leaked to the NY Times, Senator Bill Frist did the equivalent of a small child pulling the covers over his face and muttering "if I don't see the monsters, they don't exist".

In between a litany of right wing memes (fight them over there, all the attacks during Clinton years, cut and run, blah blah blah), Frist kept insisting that he could not comment on the report since it's classified and has not been presented to the Senate. The report was generated in April. Almost six months ago.

Is there any way any one can find credibility that a report that bluntly states the ground situation in Iraq has been kept on the shelf all this time?

Credibility. It's in the dictionary under the letter "c", Senator. Look it up.

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