Wednesday, September 27, 2006

NIE First Blush

I haven't had time to wade through it yet but Andrew Sullivan has and his summary is worth reading.

we've made real progress against the organized professional leadership of
al Qaeda. Everywhere else, we've lost ground. One reason we've lost ground -
both strategically, ideologically and politically - is because of the bungled
war in Iraq, which has produced the worst of all worlds: an ineffective
occupation that doesn't bring democracy, has turned the image of the U.S. into
Abu Ghraib, and has inspired many more decentralized and dangerous Jihadists
across the globe

A caveat. Andrew and I completely disagree on the need for this war. However, despite a few nuances, I do agree with him on the result and the desperate outlook it has caused.

UPDATE: Joe has stepped in with his opinion. Another worthwhile read.

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