Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Crist Picks A Running Mate

Florida Republican candidate for governor Charlie Crist has picked a running mate. It's state house member Jeff Kottkamp. Whose vanillaness matches nicely with Charlies vanillaness.

I always find it odd that Florida allows candidates for Governor to select a running mate. Do other states do this? Here in Georgia, we elect our Lt. Governors separately. This can lead to split tickets which can lead to incidents of utter hilarity such as the three governors incident of 1947.

Florida is nuts! Why would states actually use common sense in structuring a government when you can have weird arcane laws that causes monumental political upheavals every 30 years or so?

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Anonymous said...

I think most states have the pick your Lt. Gov. running mate thing. Massachusetts did. It's just you crazy southern states like GA and TX that do it this way.