Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Studio 60


And if you want to see the genesis get Sportsnight NOW!


Blackjackk said...

I agree. Studio 60 was great! I was surprised at how good Matthew Perry was.

Sorry though - SportsNight was OVER-RATED. It has become even more so since being off the air.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have to fight you on this, SportsNight was great. (Of course I had the hots for Peter Krause so that certainly helped my interest level.)

I loved that Felicity Huffman guested last night, it was a nice tip of the hat.



Blackjackk said...

No way - this seems to greatly improve upon the concept he started with SportsNight and he took quantum leaps with West Wing. I liked the idea and several of the episodes but the sexual tension between the 2 young producers/PAs (whatever their names where)was so annoying and of the "i'm so smart" variety that it became off-putting. It was the same thing week after week. Same thing with Peter Krause & Felicity Huffman's characters.

Felicity Huffman was terrific on SportsNight - I will agree with that. Don't forget - I didn't say I disliked SportsNight - just that it was overrated. People revere it for it's short run for some reason.

Blackjackk said...

Oh and Amanda Peet is fantastic. Maybe that is why her character is so funny in Studio 60. She has obviously been promoted because of her looks and sex appeal. Same thing with her acting career.

griftdrift said...

Amanda Peet was just fine. And Sportsnite was the best show since Bay City Blues. Any mention of overrated in the same breath with that wonderful show is BLASPHEMY!

Blackjackk said...

Don't you mean SportsNight was the best show since Cop Rock?