Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Florida Primary Results

The St Pete Times will be updating Florida primary results here as the night goes along.

Pasco County is already in and it went heavily for Davis and Crist. No big surprise there. It was practically their home turf.

UPDATE: With almost 20% of precints reporting there are few close races. Katherine Harris is holding a 20 point lead on Will McBride. Jim Davis has a comfortable 11 point lead on Rod Smith and Charlie Crist is absolutely slaughtering Tom Gallagher. I doubt there will be any surprises tonight. I imagine the low turnout is really hurting Smith.

UPDATE II: Topped 30% precints now and Smith has closed the gap with Davis. It's down to 5 points now. But the central time zone panhandle has yet to trickle in and I just down think left flank Smith is going to pick up a lot of ground there.

UPDATE III: I may be jinxing Davis. His lead has shrunk to 17,000 votes or less than 5% with over 50% of precints reporting. This could actually be a long night after all.

UPDATE IV: Davis is maintaining a 5 point lead (about 30k votes). What has to be truly bothersome to Democrats is so far about 750k voted in the Republican primary to about 550k in the Democratic primary. I've heard indications that the weather is some Dem strongholds, i.e. "senior" communities, kept voters at home. But pay attention to the vote totals tomorrow, it could be very interesting.

UPDATE V: St Pete times has declared Davis the winner. He's up almost 40k with over 80% of the precints. Smith hasn't gained any ground in the past few hours. That's enough for tonight. No real surprises. Now the real fun begins.

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