Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mark Foley. Ick

If you haven't heard about this story just google Mark Foley. Keep vomit bag close by. As a result of his horridness, Foley resigned from the Florida 16th. This makes an already interesting mid-term even harder to call. Republican's will be able to place a new name on the ballot but that candidate will have only 39 days to start a campaign from nothing. This district is normally a lock cinch for Republicans but the madness is so intense that even CQ is placing it in the No Clear Favorite column.


Sara said...

Actually under FL law while the party can name a replacement candidate, Mark Foley's name stays on the ballot. Making it even harder for the replacement to win, because he/she has to tell people to vote for Mark Foley.

Anonymous said...

Good thing the GOP leadership isn't "morally confused."