Friday, September 15, 2006

New License Plates. Why?

Somewhere in my dear departed grandmother's garage lies a license plate from the early 70s. It's a little rusted but the letters and numbers are still crystal clear. My own license plate has rested comfortably on the back of my car for five years. None of that matters to the powers that be in Georgia. We're getting new license plates. Starting in the spring, a whole new batch of pretty plates will be rolled out.

Plates have a life of five or more years, so they will be
doled out to drivers over time. Georgians with current plates will be able to
purchase the new plates for a nominal fee, but Graham hasn't set a price.

First of all, who the heck commissions a study on how long license plates last and how much did that sucker cost? More importantly based on anecdotal evidence, I lean more towards the more part of that statement.

The answer to the question why is more revenue. This is a fairly innocuous way for the government to generate a surge in revenue. But it is an unneeded tax and fine example of governmeant waste. Why don't we keep our perfectly good license plates a little longer and allow the citizens of Georgia to keep their money just a little longer?

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