Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Florida Primary Wrap Up

It was a record low turnout. As I predicted it skewed to the low end of predictions. 15.5% of registered votes. Maybe primaries just don't work any more. State leaders may want to brainstorm some new ideas.

Turnout at the Katherine Harris celebration was a bit light, only about 100 supporters. They ate cake which had a picture of Harris in the middle. I must get a picture of this cake! The only question is will I beat Wonkette!

Democrats have to be worried about the vote totals. Around 1 million voted in the Republican primary. Only about 700k voted in the Democrat primary.

The Florida governor's race may be the most interesting in the nation. You have two centrists in a centrist state. At this point, Republican Crist has to be the favorite simply because I'm not sure on what flanks Davis can attack.

The AG race could be bruising as both candidates started slinging mud even before the totals were in.

It's going to be a fun two months in the sunshine state.

Sources: SP Times, Florida Politics, Orlando Sentinel

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