Saturday, September 16, 2006

Football Saturday



Anonymous said...

I do not get these rankings notre dame gets killed by michigan who goes down in ranking from 10th to 11th and notre dame maintains a ranking of 2 or am I missing something

J. Dale Gonzalez said...

Of course, the import point in all of this is "notre dame gets killed by michigan

Man griftd, what happened? One too many "hold that tigers"? If only Kestrel (or whatever he uses when posting here) had taken your action.

J. Dale Gonzalez said...

By the way, the polls on ESPN's site have Michigan at 6.

Anonymous said...

Way to rub salt in the wound, Dale. It already hurts so, so bad.

(We got outcoached in the final 2 minutes, that's what happened. Which of course wouldn't have been a problem had our offense done ANYTHING useful in the first half, but because we could only tie up the score one bad minute ended up being the difference. It was painful to watch in person. Painful and nauseating.)