Friday, October 20, 2006

More True Gritz

True Gritz has a new episode up and I can't stop laughing!

It's ain't real! True butter comes from a cow!

Lord, I do love them gals.


Cynthia said...

I've never heard of TrueGritz - that was hysterical! I especially love the name "Pauline Ashley-Wilkes." Those girls need to get on Food Network, or at least appear on Paula Deen's show.

Anonymous said...

Grift hon, I've been lovin' your Kitty rantin' for a long while now. So glad to share the, uh, pleasures! FYI, we're having a few TDs with the "Spary Butter" episode, so that wacky Sas had to bring it down and have her way with it. She'll wrassle it back in shape in no time though! Thanks for the viewin', and you be sure to drop by the house next time you're up this 'a way.