Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Baker Report: To The Right, So What?

As expected, much is being made in right wing circles on the ISG recommending negotiations with Syria and Iran. Convenient cherry picking is the sport of the day. While quick to point out that Iran hates our guts and Syria hates practically everything it touches, many right voices ignore the reports recommendations for serious concessions from both nations.

In order to get the Golan Heights back Syria not only has to follow a complete hands off policy towards Lebanon but must also take a pro-active role in recognition of Israel throughout the region.

Yes, Iran gets to keep its nuclear program but must submit to stringent international oversight via the U.N.

As Jim Baker has pointed out over and over again, for over 40 years we still continued to talk to the Soviet Union even as they preened on their hollow horse screaming threats of crushing the west. Even your hero Reagan did.

What else do you offer? Another flavor of the same disastrous policy you advocated? A policy which has brought us to this point?

If talking to our worst enemies is required to fix this horrific mess, so what?

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