Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's Wide Open, Baby!

As many political hacks and weirdos tend to do these days, I've been wool-gathering on potential candidates in 2008. It's a question I'm asked frequently. Who do you think will run and who do you think can win?

These ponderings led me to an improbable tangential question.

Can you name the last election where neither and incumbent nor a Vice President ran?

It was 1928. Hoover vs. Al Smith.

It probably means nothing but it's just another thing in this upcoming cycle that's damned odd.


Gort said...

1952 Stevenson vs. Eisenhower

griftdrift said...


I knew I was forgetting one. I guess I was thinking Truman ran.

Gort said...

An interesting bit of trivia to me is that Bush pere was the first sitting Vice President to be elected since Van Buren.