Friday, December 15, 2006

Return Of Carp Circles

Tonight from 8pm-11pm an annual tradition continues.

Carp Circles Radio Presents "A Dirty Carp Christmas!"

Tune into Carp Circles Radio for three hours of dirty Christmas carols, stories of Moe and Jimmy's childhood and god knows what else.

Yahoo users can watch the shenanigans on the live webcam by contacting user griftdrift.

Stop by and give us a listen!
UPDATE: Tremendous technical difficulties to start the show. We appreciate your patience but we are back on the air now.


rusty said...

You should make a podcast out of this. Then you could be a GAPN affiliate.

griftdrift said...

We're actually going to attempt to record this one. Since it's 3 hours we will have to edit down. I might need some consultation from the experts.

Li Mortacci Tua said...

Well dont edit out the dirty Christmas songs. Maybe some of your drunk ramblings and hairy stomach dances.

Amber Rhea said...

I agree about the podcast.

Will we be seeing you fellers on NaDruBloDa? And can we record that, too?

Johnny Webb said...

Blacking out is fun to do!....Jimmy stressed out there at the first when the system blacked out but then I think it got back on track...I got home okay is all I know thanks to Dr. Giggles...I hope his recording comes out okay....anyway...Happy Hooligandays to all yall elves out 8 brain sails are reset and ready fur another round of

Johnny Webb said...

we gotta devise a new XXXmas tape fur this commin holiday seasoning....waitresses are our elves and hopefully some asses in stockings