Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This Is What Drinking and Druggin Gits Ya!

What happens when 18,000 people get drunk?

Mardi Gras you say? No.

St Patrick's Day in Savannah? No.

A Hank Williams Jr. Concert? Nooooooooo.

An 18,000 vote undercount in a Florida congressional district? Yes!

At least that's the thought process of the State of Florida who has asked the court to have voters in the Florida 13th answer the following question.

Did you consume any alcoholic beverages or take any drugs (prescribed or not) or medications within 12 hours before the time you voted in the November 2006 general election. If so, state the type and amount of alcoholic beverages, drugs (prescribed or not), or medication which were consumed, and where you consumed them.

Given that about 45% of Sarasota's population is over the age of 45 (22% over 65!), I think it's safe to say most everybody is on booze or pills or more likely both.

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Sara said...

Maybe Florida should join Indiana and South Carolina in prohibiting alcohol sales on election day.