Monday, December 04, 2006

Quote Of The Day

Doug Monroe on the demise of Buckhead.

Previously, it was a nightclub district where people could get drunk and killed.

So they are tearing down the nightclubs and putting up yet another "mixed use" development? And the rest of ITP-land sighs a quiet meh. Buckhead was lost years ago and frankly for those of who have topped 30 the loss was akin to shedding yet another layer of dead skin.

I only half kid. For years there has been a quiet war involving the city, the bars and the residents. It escalated to the point where the city Liquor Licensing Board began using it's near unfettered power to strong arm bars into behaving. Given, as Doug points out, that Buckhead had become a liquor laced O.K. Corral, the move by the city might have been warranted. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the LLB and City Council, apparently drunk with power, began using the same tactics on Virginia Highlands, Little Five Points and some notable gay bars.

The war in Buckhead bled into other entertainment districts who had no connection to the high dollar mayhem just to the north. It created a distinctly unfriendly environment for tavern owners in the city; ultimately causing some to vow to never to open another business in the city limits.

So they are going to raze Buckhead and put up a billion Bed, Bath and Beyonds? If that gets the city off the backs of the less murderously inclined venues, then selah.

P.S. Soda fountains, Doug? Dude.

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possum said...

I liked soda fountains when I was a kid. I still like soda fountains. They used to have one at the Little Five Points Pharmacy just few years ago. Sigh ...