Friday, December 15, 2006

David vs Goliath

Dr. Steven Taylor is a Poly-Sci professor in Alabama.

Verizon is a multinational telecommunications giant.

Poliblog is Dr. Taylor's political blog that has existed for over three years.

Poliblog is now also Verizon's new "blog" that has existed since November 2006.

Let’s put it this way: companies like Verizon are starting to understand that there is something to this whole blogging business and they wish to exploit it for their own ends. That is all well and good, and I have no problem with it–indeed, I welcome the continued mainstreaming of blogging. However, if companies like Verizon wish to take advantage of what we individual bloggers have help build, then the least they could do is use Google to make sure that they aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes. ~Dr. Taylor on the original Poliblog

Damn skippy!

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