Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Revisionist History

I really hate it when jackasses start effing with history to suit a political agenda.

U.S. forces, under the United Nations flag, fought gallantly to beat back a Communist Chinese invasion of South Korea. But the U.S. stopped short of invading North Korea and accepted the standoff at the 38th parallel that still divides the two countries to this day. Acceptance of the Communist tyranny in North Korea set up the situation that exists today...

Conveniently excluded from Joseph Farah's whine is the fact that the U.S. did invade north of the 38th parallel all the way to the Yalu River. At that point about a million Chinese crossed the border pushing the U.N. forces back the 38th parallel. Stalemate not unlike WWI's western front ensued.

But in Farah's mind, if we had just tried a little harder, all would be better in the world.

It's important to remember when certain people rattle the saber and question the will of the American people they also usually ignore critical facts regarding the tactical situation. This same type of thinking poured our men and women into a desert nation without adequate re-inforcements, adequate gear and an adequate objective. Instead they were given fantasies of being greeted with roses and hosannas.

Yet, these people also have the gall to call people who question this insanity as unpatriotic.

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Button Gwinnett said...

Unfortunately, most people have never even heard of the Yalu River and would have no idea that this guy is deceiving them.