Monday, December 11, 2006

A Withering Quote

Reagan Chief of Staff Ken Duberstein on John McCain:

A profile in courage can become a profile in unrestrained ambition," says former Reagan White House chief of staff Ken Duberstein, who was one of the few G.O.P. establishment figures to support McCain's 2000 presidential campaign. "He has to remember who his friends are and not spend his integrity on one-night stands with those who will never fully trust him.

An interesting perspective from a staffer of a President who brought such "one-night stands" as the Christian Coalition into the Republican party, paid them lip service for eight years and pretty much ignored them in practicality.

Other than that, he's spot on. McCain may have gone too far in toadying to the worst elements of the right to come back to the side of light. Time will tell.

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