Friday, December 29, 2006

NaDruBloDa: Into The Breach My Friends

The beer gun has sounded! Beer number one is a refreshing bottle of Budweiser. I'm getting the jump on the local Atlanta bloggerati by starting a pre-meet buzz. I feel this is necessary as my past exploits have caused me to grow a second liver and the amount of alcohol needed to reach levels of foolishness is immense.

Drunk blogging is nothing new. We've all done it. Personally, I've tried to keep mine to a minimum. Strong drink and broadband connections are not necessarily compatible. Mostly mine have been late night posting of sappy shoe gazers staring longlingly while crooning about some lost girl.

It's weird experiment, bubba. Drinking and blogging with a group of people at the same time. Will we suddenly in the middle of a conversation scream, "I NEED TO BLOG THAT!"? Will the conversation halt while some muddled mind tries to distinguish between the shift key and the tab key? Will we all stare at each other's site meters?

So many questions. Answers will only come with the continued application of party juice. Into the unknown we travel my companions. Let us all pray the tubes do not get clogged.


Gort said...

You're truly dedicated in getting a head start. I'm stuck at work but will join you later in the liver abuse. Drink up Shriner.

Anonymous said...

I hate the use of "blog" as a transitive verb. But I guess if you're drunk it's OK.

Anonymous said...



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