Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gasper Is Not Doing Well

Gasper, one of the Georgia Aquariums five Beluga Whales, is not doing well. He's been sick for some time with an auto-immune disease.

The Carp Circles gang visited the aquarium yesterday and took the above picture of one of Gasper's companions. We asked about the sick whale's health and the volunteer used her hand to make the universal signal for "so-so", but her face registered something much more dire.

The Belugas are truly fascinating. It would be easy to sit for hours watching their ghostly gyrations. So let's all pull for Gasper as we would for any sick friend.

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Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

I think they should name the panda cub Gasper in his/her honor. Would be the right thing to do. That or Dallas Austin.