Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Funny

If a dead snake fell on me, I'd soil my britches.


possum said...

Say, isn't that guy the chairman of the philosophy department at the University of Tennessee? The cap tipped me off.

Northern_Girl said...

ok - if that clip from YouTube has anything to do with snakes, dead or otherwise, I can't even click on it.


Button Gwinnett said...

Button don't do snakes!!

But what southern boy didn't devote the occasional 30 minutes to the Bill Dance fishin' show? With my dad's love of outdoors shows I had enough of Bill and Red Holland to last me for a lifetime.

As a kid, I got to fish with the legendary Jack Wingate, the "Sage of Seminole." I made Mr. Jack spill his coffee when I found out that Red was his first cousin. He got the biggest kick when I told Mr. Jack that he should have his own tv show too because he was "a heap smarter" than Mr. Red.