Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Election - The Amendments

We're going to start down in the sewers.

Almost every election in Georgia contains some opportunity to muck around with the Constitution. We have one of the most complicated, convoluted, top down Constitutions in these United States. A local municipality can barely break wind without the entire state voting on the issue.

Therefore, the analysis of this serving of amendments will be conducted with the prism of "does it goop up the document worse and is there a better way to accomplish the goal".

The burden of proof is on the amendment itself to cross those barriers.

Jim Wooten has already touched on this a bit. Better get the smelling salts ready Freeman. You know what usually happens when Jim and I both start talking about taxes and such.

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Sara said...

Why do I keep getting a mental image of the City of Decatur farting?