Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Election - The President

On paper, I should have voted for Hillary Clinton.

But I didn't.

On paper, I should vote for Bob Barr or even John McCain.

But I won't.

We stand at one of those moments which will live forever - a point of divergence. It is an instant where the usual fodder of elections - tax policy, spending policy, big vs. small government - must be put aside in order to view life in a greater perspective.

We are at a time where America's standing in the world has a chance to be restored. We can begin to undo the damage of eight years of disastrous foreign policy. We can reinforce the entire planet's belief that America is a place where although we tend to show our flaws right out in the open, we eventually do the right thing.

Also, there is a political party in our system which must be forced to endure the soul searching it so desperately needs. It must reflect on what it once was, what it has become and what it may become. Our system works best when both parties display strength tempered by reason and one party faces the abyss of obscurity if it is not reminded of this balance.

It is time for a fundamental realignment.

It is simply time.

VOTE Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

I liked what you said. It's very very inspiring.. any chance you are planning to run for something? If so I know several folks who'd be happy to help you.

Now, can I interest you in a Obama button? We have plenty...


griftdrift said...

JESUS GOD! There's not a campaign manager in the world who could handle the skeletons in my closet!

AcridSheep said...

Well said Griftdrift. Past elections have, for me anyway, been partially about which candidate takes more or less of my pie. This one is about whether or not there will be pie at all. I say, let there be pie.

Sara said...

Your skeletons are paltry. Give up the charade.

Unknown said...

So it is time that we not vote for the best candidate?

Restore our standing in the world? France and Germany have elected pro-US leaders to replace the most anti-US leaders in Europe. That tells me that the citizens don't think we are all that bad.

Our economy sucks, the rest of the world sucks worse.

I agree the GOP needs some soul searching, but I can't vote to damage our country in order to force them to that place.

griftdrift said...

No Dale. I believe I am voting for the right candidate. Its just the reasons he is right are far larger than if we agree on government funding of education.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the opinion the more skeltons the better.. it's only the ones who pretend to be righteous and THEN we find the dirty have the problem. *cough*John Edwards*cough

If we already know all your whoha, eh it's just not interesting to dig it up then..


Unknown said...

I have always said that, if I were running for office, the best thing is that ALL of my skeletons are well known. SOme of them are even public record.

That and I would at least have the guts to say "Yes, I did it, it was fun and I would like to do it again someday".

Unknown said...

Let's see... in the last twelve years we have elected men that we knew at that time to be a serial philanderer and another a coke head alcoholic. We seem to be electing a coke using Marxophile who has three convicted felons and a radical preacher on his current list of friends. We won't even get into places like Louisiana and Massachusetts.

You can top that? If so, we need to hang, you sound like a lot of fun.

decaturguy said...

Hey Dale,

Do you really want to talk about all the right wing radicals that John McCain is associated with, including his Vice Presidential pick, and whom you might even consider his "friends."

Anonymous said...

Pretty words. Empty; but pretty.
These are platitudes, not policy. Aspirations, not accomplishments.

You ascribe too much to the hope that President Barack H. Obama accomplishes what community organizer, State Senator, and US Senator Barack H. Obama did not even attempt.

With far-left Liberal Nancy Pelosi running the House, incompetent Liberal Harry Reid ‘running’ the Senate and radical Liberal Barack Obama in the White House we are guaranteed the following:
Card Check. Gun Control. Cuts in Defense spending. Tax increases. Government expansion (though, to be fair, we get that with either party…). And the end of the US being on the offensive in the war against Fundamental Islamic Jihadism (remember, we are at war, with a militant death culture that has, repeatedly, offered Western Civilization three choices: Convert, submit, die).

To those so ignorant of history that they still refer to this as ‘George Bush’s war’ I ask only one question: Who was the first President to send the US Military to fight Islamic terrorists?
If you would like a hint: The US Marine Corp hymn contains the line: ‘To the shores of Tripoli’ for a reason. That President is not G.W. Bush. It’s not Bill Clinton to Somalia, Reagan to Libya, Carter to Iran. It’s Thomas Jefferson to Tripoli to fight the Barbary Pirates, who he referred to as Musselmen: Fundamental Islamic Jihadists.

Back to the election: Hope and Change are all well and good, but these are serious times calling for serious solutions and serious politicians, not clich├ęs and wishful thinking.

If B. H. Obama wins, I predict that there will be riots such as happen in urban areas after a team wins a championship. The stock market will lose 1000+ points within a week.

If B. H. Obama loses, I predict there will be Riots across the country akin to Watts and the Rodney King verdict. The stock market will gain 1000+ points within a week.

If I were a gambler, I’d put money on the latter.

Why? Because despite what Michelle Obama believes, America is not a ‘downright mean’ country. Despite what John Murtha believes, we are not a country of ‘racists.’ And despite what Senator Obama believes, we are not ‘bitter.’

As the great Western philosopher Elle Woods once said: ‘I might be a blonde, but I’m not that blonde.’

Unknown said...

Decaturguy - Which of McCains friends have the blood of innocent Americans on their hands? which ones wish "they had done more?

I can't wait to hear your idea of "radical".

Palin is a "radical"? Surely you jest.