Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Morning Wooten

I try not to blog when I'm drunk.
So our homework assignment for the next class is to find the missing blogname on Thinking Right. Could it be that one of our liberal contributors was so frustrated by the strengths of arguments offered by intelligent and well-prepared conservatives here that he was driven to dirty tricks directed against our beloved Sarah? Who’s not here today and possibly dressed in orange and banned from participating, not by the genial host, but by order of the

I'm not implying Jim was in some altered state when he wrote his most recent entry.


He did say his blog is "often attacked by liberal hackers polishing their hurtful invective on the well-informed, kind and intelligent conservatives". So either he is confused about the difference between hackers and commenters or the AJC cyberdefense squad is the busiest in the metro area.

He then expresses his suspicions that recently indicted David Kernell, arrested for hacking Sarah Palin's yahoo email account, is a regular contributor to Thinking Right. So, either Kernell is the most bored or most well read freshman in University of Tennessee history. These would be the only reasonable explanations for a college student to obsess over a conservative blog published by a local paper in an entirely different state.

Then, just to top the crazy sundae with the looney cherry, Jim cheerfully sets his army of right wingers, the same ones he once gleefully proclaimed would banish fat women, on a witch hunt against all who have the temerity to express a differing opinion in the hallowed halls of Thinking Right. They might be hackers! Burn them!

When you have several hundred lunatics eagerly waiting each day for your written word, it is easy to become addicted to hubris. I do not imply Jim was drunk when he wrote today's babble - at least not on physical spirits.


Rusty said...

I don't throw around superlatives lightly, but I think this is the most batshit piece he's ever published.

I would love to hear someone at the AJC other than him try to defend this turd.

Sara said...

I seriously think he just exposed how little he understands about the internet. I think he is one of those out of touch old people who believes all people who say mean things are hackers, and every page on a website is a blog. Sort of like McCain who cited 3 different websites as examples of blogs he reads--none of which are actually blogs.