Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Election - The Senate

One man will try to invade your pocketbook and your bedroom.

One man will try to invade your pocketbook but not your bedroom.

One man will do his damnedest to do neither.

Now, more than any time in your life, is the moment to make a stand. Send a message about the things that really matter.

VOTE Allen Buckley.

When the runoff gets here, we'll talk again.

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1 comment:

rptrcub said...

With respect, I disagree. I agree that Saxby needs to be taught a lesson, and that Jim ain't perfect. However, from the sake of being saturated with commercials, I really don't want Georgia to be blanketed with the hordes of media, pundits, attack ads and generally crazy people if this thing goes into a runoff. Perhaps I'm just being selfish.

If it happens, it will, no doubt, be interesting.

However, I will not yell and scream at you unlike some of our commenting bretheren (and sister-en[?]). Respect.