Monday, October 13, 2008

My Morning Wooten

Jim doesn't have a lot to say today so I will also be brief.
His newly aggressive efforts to highlight Barack Obama’s association with Wiliam Ayers, the 60s radical is useful, but some Republicans are questioning whether such efforts turn off the Independents and moderate women who are needed to close the gap.
I can only speak for the independent sitting at this keyboard, but I'm more turned off than a grandpa who misplaced his viagra.

A month ago, I began to swing back to McCain. Despite his canoodling with the creationists, despite his lovefest with the Falwells, the old John seemed to emerge - the level headed voice of true conservatism seen in the tragic 2000 election.

Then came Sarah Palin. Nothing will turn off an independent quicker than a brazenly craven political stunt. Witnessing a stunt of filling the second chair of the Presidency was flooring.

Possibly the vague mass of the swingers could have been mollified. Perhaps if Palin had done a tour de force showing her wit, candor and grasp of the issues, all would have been well. Instead, we were treated to a Rovian roll of the craps dice to shelter the new candidate and if anyone dared question the motive, simply gin up the "press hates Republicans" canard. The office of the Vice Presidency was reduced to the basest of politcal strategy.

Jim asks his readers to provide the McCain camp with advice. The answer is there is none. The time for advice has long past.

And it makes me sad. Very sad.

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