Friday, October 10, 2008

My Morning.....Er Nevermind


I can't make sense of most of this dreck.

Exhibit A.
A golden retriever from Atlanta that shows up months later 425 miles south in St. Petersburg is like the turtle resting on the top of a fence post.
Is this some ancient newspaper canard which has lost all meaning in the modern world?

Anyone who wants to take the time to do the usual Wooten business, have at it.


Anonymous said...

I'll defend Jim, just this once:

It's a reference to the post turtle, an old political joke. See here:

I have no other comment, except to state that his item about his local gas station was particularly inane. But I already posted there.

griftdrift said...

I thought it rang a bell. And I suppose I shouldn't be one to cast aspersions on those who use strange colloquial sayings.


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

You can stick a typewriter in front of a warm body, whether it's placed on tall wood products in the woods, or in the sanctuary of life, or the morgue for that matter, but pearls of poetry will not necessarily fall from its hacked fingertips.

Now that I've mangled the English language in an appropriately Wooten-esque manner can I take my blog's carbon copy paper and go home?

rptrcub said...

Allowing for an Obama win (please oh please oh please Lord), I can't wait to see Wooten's apoplexy, not to mention the sound of a zillion bigots' heads asploding.