Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Morning

Kill him ~McCain/Palin supporter

Outstanding ~Front page of Peach Pundit on the news that Troy Davis will die

Just as certain as the dog days of August or the arrival of September’s harvest moon, the staple of every election cycle arrives at our doorstep. It’s called: Scare the ignorant. ~Atlanta Journal Consitituion Assistant Editorial Page Editor Jim Wooten's view of the tactics of Democrats

There are days when ghosts seem to swirl in the air.

Do we see clearly or do we see what we desire to see? Does watching a documentary on the newest section of Arlington National Cemetary cause ruminations of death? Does a coincidental viewing of a fictional parent's death stir something deeper? Is there something not yet in the realm of science which binds together existential experience?

I wish I could write the piece I feel the need to write. It's in there somewhere but I don't know if it refuses to emerge due to my need to not share too deeply or simply because I can't find the words. One day I will write about death and fear. Because writing is what I do.

For now, I will simply say this - fear is not proprietary to one side or the other, nor should it be peddled like a wormy apple and death should never be treated lightly.