Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wrestling The Eel

I've been wrestling with this Senate race for a week now. Despite him being my hometown boy, I can't endorse Senator Chambliss. But I've never been a Martin fan either. My default position should be Libertarian Allen Buckley but his deer in the headlights performance in Perry caused pause.

Fellow Georgia writer Jason Pye attempts to clear some of the fog for me. Although he encourages voting for his man Buckley, he is also a realist.
I have no illusions about Jim Martin. He isn’t what I would call a fiscal conservative, but he seems to be there on issues relating to privacy, Iraq and reigning executive power. Saxby Chambliss has proven himself incapable of voting for less spending or legislation that would steer us in a small government direction.
I'm going to wrestle this eel a bit more, but this type of level headed reasoning certainly eases the struggle.


Anonymous said...

Martin's not much of a fiscal Conservative? He sure as hell can't be any worse than Saxby! How much are we borrowing? How much in debt are we? This race isn't even close, IMO.

Joeventures said...

You hear that sound, your highness? Those are the shrieking eels!