Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Election - House 80

(Editor's note - I will only be writing about two legislature races. If you are interested in others the comment section is all yours)

A race with an actual independent! How exciting!

Not really.

Last spring, a vibrant, young knight whooshed into Georgia offering oodles of money for the battle against the traitorous, line jumper Mike Jacobs (R-80). Unfortunately, for Democrats in north Dekalb, young squire Keith Gross had a problem hidden beneath his paper mache' armor. He wasn't qualified to run in the 80th district.

Not unqualified in a let's-dive-into-the-legal-minutae Jim Powell kind of way - full bore unqualified.

Gross quietly slinked away and Democrats pulled their collective heads out of their asses quickly enough to run aforementioned posteriors around the district collecting signatures for a write-in candidate.

Michelle Conlon's (I-InNameOnlyLand) only campaign issue seems to be she's not Mike Jacobs.

Meanwhile, Mike Jacobs, he who roiled the waters by jumping to the elephants last year, spent most of the last session acting like the new playtoy for the fat cats running the joint. He voted for Glenn Richardson's (R-Parts Unknown) crazy ass tax plan. He voted for a particularly vile anti-abortion amendment that nearly scuttled the vital Grady plan.

It is to be expected that one newly minted into a political party spend some time playing punching bag on the harsher things in political life, but with those two votes, Jacobs pushed the line and possibly hurt his moderate cred for future races.

Mike you get a pass this time. But have care. Folks will watch your next actions with a new level of scrutiny.

VOTE Mike Jacobs

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