Monday, May 01, 2006

Another Lite Day Of Posting

Still in the Sunshine State on family business but I hope to catch a few running items today.

In the meantime, here is some other reading for you.

Immigration will be the big topic of the day: From the right, From the middle, From the left.

Wonkette is hungover. Shocking!

Katherine Harris is not only crazy but possibly going to jail.

You still have time to vote on Eddie On Film's Worst Best Picture Winner Ever. Even if you feel that you haven't seen enough of these go ahead and vote. Remember, opinions are like...

Institute Of Lower Learning will reopen today and is looking for some lively discussion.

While everyone stateside is obsessed with the "immigrant" problem, another Hispanic population is in crisis. And with this one we cannot avoid our responsibility.

Yeah, I know the middle and left links on immigration don't link to particular articles. I hope to fix that later.


Anonymous said...

As a legal immigrant I'm confused. I paid my dues to cross the border legally and paid again and again. Fortunately I had a job. Why is it so hard for the powers that be to realize that they need to make it easier for non-english speakers to actually do it legal. If ya got a job on the NAFTA list you should be able to come here and aid this great theocracy

griftdrift said...

Except for the thoecracy part, I agree.