Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Florida GOP Needs To Stop!

I have two words for the Florida GOP. BACK OFF!

They are urging my favorite spandex wearing, horse riding, reporter seducing girl to drop out of the Florida Senate race.

Not until I get my personal interview!


Sara said...

There is something seriously wrong with her face. Check out the new campaign ad.

griftdrift said...

What a horrible ad. Big scary Alan Colmes. OOOoooooOO!

griftdrift said...

our friend Cartmolari is having trouble with comments, so he asked me to post the following in his stead.


Looks like she tried to pump a little too much botox
in there. She looks about a quart heavy.

BTW, I still think Alan Keyes would jump at the chance
to take her place, and since he’s at least as crazy as
she is, the race would lose none of its entertainment value.