Thursday, May 04, 2006

Illegals And Taxes

Illegal immigrants pay more taxes than you think they do.

I keep going back to sales tax. Even if illegal workers avoid income tax, FICA and what not, they certainly pay sales tax. Based on my anecdotal observations, the Spanish speaking workers in my area, illegal, undocumented or otherwise, spend a considerable amount of money at convenience stores on boatloads of crap.

Sales tax is the tax that usually has the most direct impact on a community. Unlike federal or even state dollars, there is little delay in distribution of the the funds. Also, the funds are usually earmarked for local needs such as roads and other public works.

The best example I can give is a recent local option sales tax passed in my county. It was designated for roads and parks. A few months after it passed, a particular road that griftdrift cursed every day for a billion pot holes had a smooth new surface.

Mine and those Hispanic workers tax dollars at work.

There are discussions to be had about the impact of illegal immigrants on public services, but don't fool yourself that they skate by without paying any taxes. Chances are an undocumented someone's purchase of a Red Bull and a bag of chips helped pay for that road your driving on.

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