Monday, July 17, 2006

Campaign Huntin'

I'm going campaign huntin at lunch! I'm going to drive around and see if I can find campaign lackeys standing on street corners begging people to honk. I expect it to be sparse and everyone is saving their wad for tomorrow.

More later.


Anonymous said...

Had you gone out Sunday instead of today you would have found me going door to door in Thomasville hanging "Remember to Vote on Tue for ..." flyers on every single door. If you had gotten particularly lucky, you would have spotted Rep Doug Dean accusing me of removing his flyers from mailboxes and telling me that if he saw me do it "it would be on!".

Let's put aside for a minute that it's illegal for Mr. Dean to hang his campaign flyers on mailboxes. Let's also set aside the fact that I didn't do it, wouldn't do it and doubt it even would have occurred to me to do it. Frankly, his flyers were so bland I didn't even notice them until the person I was with pointed them out. Instead, let's focus on a fist fight on the streets of Thomasville between Doug Dean and me the weekend before election day.

Uh.... I can't see "It's on!" really doing the doing justice to the scene.

Button Gwinnett said...

You know a fist fight might just be the type of election gimmick that would get more folks out to the polls! ;-)