Monday, July 17, 2006

Georgia Primary Blogosphere Round-Up: The Day Before

For my readers that are not native of Georgia, you will have to bear with the rest of us for the next couple of days. Tomorrow is primary day and it's the biggest one we have seen in a while.

We have an incumbent Republican governor for the first time in 150 years which has led to a "competitive" Democrat primary.

The Republican Lt. Governor race features Time cover boy Ralph Reed. Due to the foul taint of Jack Abramoff even the national media is watching this one.

The Democrat Lt. Governor features two solid party guys who suddenly decided to take the gloves off and dabble in nasty fliers and even nastier phone campaigns

Both Secretary of State races feature rising party stars.

Oh and don't forget cell phone wielding Cynthia McKinney is up for re-election.

Whew. And y'all say the heat makes us crazy down here? You might be right.

Yesterday, every statewide race featured debates. You can read my thoughts on a couple below. Also here's a round up of impressions from other parts of the Georgia blogosphere.

Rusty and Amber at Radical Georgia Moderate and Being Amber Rhea actually sat through three of the debates live.

Jason Pye brings the Libertarian perspective in his live blogging of the GOP Lt. Governor, GOP SOS and Dem Governor races.

Progressive site Blog For Democracy has updates on the alledged phone shenanigans of Democract Lt. Governor candidate Greg Hecht.

Decaturguy at Atlanta Public Affairs has his predictions and I have to say I agree with most.

Liberal Lucidity, an admitted Cox supporter, has thoughts on Mark Taylor's body language.

Aging Hipster has his picks in.

Andre has his picks in and wants to hear yous.

Peach Pundit is getting stuff from all over.

I'm sure there will be more later as the campaigns take to the streets in the final 48 hours. Stay tuned.


Button Gwinnett said...

"Liberal Lucidity, an admitted Taylor supporter........."

If only I had my death ray!! ;-)

griftdrift said...

I got that completely backwards didn't I!

Button Gwinnett said...

Since you're from south GA, I'll let you live.......this time. LOL