Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fish Tales

How about that!

It's not me. That's my cousin Matt Eusner who caught an Alabama state record yellowfin tuna. He was fishing just south of New Orleans. Good old griftdrift was fishing in Panacea, Fl and caught exactly one fish that was less than 10 inches long. So instead of my woe, I give you my cousin and his glory. You can read his story here. For the moment, I hate him. I'm sure it won't last.

So I spent two days fishing in the gulf, drinking a ton of beer and meeting some interesting people. My favorite was the guy unloading an airboat. Being a former guide, he offered plenty of advice on where to catch fish. Given our results, I wouldn't bet my life on him. He is apparently more successful at another type of fishing. As he put it, he was "going up river to see a gal. He would come back smelling like fish but wasn't bringing any back".

Now, I'm back in the ATL preparing for a fast burn up to D.C. for the weekend. Got a few pictures of the trip that I will post shortly.

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